Average Living Room Sizes: A Complete Guide

Average Living Room Sizes

Knowing the average living room sizes can help you make an educated decision when building a new home. You will be able to factor in the type of furniture that will be most comfortable in the space and consider other things such as your family size, budget, and needs.

So what is the average living room size? 

The average living room size measures 330 square feet but differs based on your home’s total square footage. You will also find smaller, medium, and larger sized living rooms. However, a measurement of 12×18 feet tells that the room is small. The larger sized living rooms measures 22×28 feet.

So, that is it about the average size of the living room. But then, there’s more you need to know about this topic. Continue reading to learn more!

The Average Living Room Sizes: Things You Need To Know

Building a home is a beautiful project to undertake. You will learn numerous things before, during, and after your house is built. Nevertheless, it is better to learn and improve your knowledge of the living room sizes now. That will enable you to make the right decisions when the need arises.

A living room is a particular spot in the home. It brings the whole family together, and it’s one part where you might find yourself spending more money. There will be a need to get some pieces of furniture, electronics, and other things that make life enjoyable.

But then, size matters a great deal. Hence, when planning to build a house, take your time to analyze every situation before making any conclusion. These include things such as your family size (Now or maybe in the future); what is or would your family size be?

Other things you might want to consider are your desired furniture, electronics, design of the house, and more. Just consider everything when planning your living room.

What about the comfort of your family members? Well, that’s one part you should never neglect. The living room is a place to socialize or interact with people. It could be with strangers or family members.

There are living rooms with space for conversation and circulation. Many people consider including them when building their houses.

The bottom line is that a room with an exciting space will ensure other activities are done with ease. Your comfort, including that of your family members and guests, is assured.

So, without wasting any more time, I would like to show you the different living room sizes and their varied dimensions. Happy reading!

Very small-sized living rooms

You might be wondering why the word “very” appeared here. But trust me; it’s needed to help describe how the living room usually looks.

Now, remember that the available space matters when deciding the size of a living room, including other areas of the home.

So, if you have a small space, say 7 x 10 feet, then you should consider building a tiny living room. It’s what would work for you.

But there’re other things you need to consider. One of them is that such rooms are super small in size. So, if you have a larger family, you might not be able to have all of them together sitting comfortably in the living room at the same time.

For such rooms, you may only have the 2 seater kinds of sofas there, just one of them.

The “very small living room size” will be a wise choice when you plan to accommodate between in your living room.

A tip for you: If you have a smaller space but don’t like to have a “very small-sized living room, you can consider reducing the sizes of other sections of your house, such as the bathroom, kitchen, and other rooms.

Another tip is to consider every single detail before moving ahead with your plans to choose a tiny living room size for your new home. These include features like your desired family size, budget, and furniture.

Smaller-sized living rooms

Remember, comfort is all that matters when building your new home. So, never forget to consider that.

Now, what space can a small living room occupy?

Well, the answer is 10 x 13 feet. If you convert this to meter, you will have 3 x 4 meters.

The beauty of this room size is that it can contain more persons (more than the tiny living room by the way).

It could contain 4 – 5 persons comfortably seated. You can even have two sets of the 2-seater sofas mounted in this living room.

Medium size living room

This living room size is an upgrade to the small living room. So, it would certainly be comfortable for a family that’s a bit bigger.

A space measuring 12 x18 feet would be enough for you to have the medium size living room built. Again, in meters, this should give you 3.7 x 5.5 meters.

The good thing about the medium size living room is the comfort it has. It can also contain more persons at a time.

So, if you have a large family size, or plan to do so soon, this living room size might be an ideal option for you.

You will be able to gather your family together for a meeting or spend quality them with everyone comfortably seated.

The medium size living room would contain 6 – 10 persons. You can also have the 3-seater sofas mounted and still have enough space for people to roam about freely.

However, for the medium and other living room sizes, you may have to take your sofas closer to the wall, opposite the television.

Large living room size

Finally, there is a large living room. This type of living room can contain ten or more individuals. It could also house more furniture and other appliances.

The dimension of the large living room is at least 15 x 20 feet. But in addition to being spacious, another exciting thing about the large living room is that you will have the chance to take your sofas off the wall.

You can place your furniture in a large living room in any pattern you so desire. You can even make room for a game table, reading desk, and many more.

Tips On How To Make A Tiny Living Room Look Much Bigger

Have you ever had that strong desire or wished you had a bigger living room? You are not alone! Even homeowners with bigger living rooms would want the same, speaking from experience.

But then, I would like to encourage you not to worry if what you have is a small-sized living room. You can make it look much bigger and comfortable for your family and guests.

Here are some ideas for you

1. Avoid thicker curtains 

Do you know that the type of fabric you have can make your living room look smaller or bigger? Yes, it can.

So, if you’re interested in making your tiny living room appear much spacious, you need to choose your fabrics wisely.

Thicker curtains will weigh your room down since they tend to absorb more light. As a result, your living room would look much smaller in size. These types of curtains would be an excellent choice when you have a large or spacious living room, though.

So, have a small living room? Make sure you go for fabrics that are much lighter in weight. Such curtains will help improve the ventilation of your living room and allow light into your home. However, an example of fabric you can use for this is linen.

2. Pick your colors wisely

Color is another factor to consider when looking for how to make your living room look more spacious.

I would suggest you opt for cool colors, such as white color. White makes things look much bigger. Furthermore, you can choose colors that would brighten up the room and make it look more spacious. Just replace dull colors with much brighter ones.

3. Keep the windows cleaner

A dirty window is unacceptable if you want to make your living room look spacious and comfortable. It will also prevent a significant amount of light from getting into your living room.

So, make sure you clean up the windows always.

4. Use your shelf wisely

Do not try to place too many books or other items on your shelf. Allow some space in between so that people can see the real depth of your living room.

5. Choose one color for your curtain and wall

Let the wall of your living room, and curtains bear the same color. It will not only give your living room a refreshing look but cause it to appear spacious.


The decision you make on your living room size can impact a lot of things. One of them includes the number of people you will be able to accommodate in your living room at the same time. If you plan to have a larger family, then you have to choose a living room that will be comfortable and accommodating for everyone at the same thing. You should also consider furniture and other items you wish to use in beautifying your home.

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