Top 6 Best Light Bulbs For Bathroom Vanity: Buying Guide And Review

Have you thought about what having the best light bulbs for bathroom vanity will do for you and your family? You will be able to shave, brush your teeth, wash your hands, and apply your makeup without stress. Furthermore, you can create that spa-like vibe you so desire.

However, the best bulb to consider for the bathroom vanity is the Sunco Lighting 10 Pack G25 LED Globe. This bulb is Omni-directional, emits lesser heat, eye-friendly, dimmable, and helps you save up to 85% on your electricity bills. 

Find below more information regarding light bulbs for bathroom vanity.

Can’t wait long to read the entire guide? Here’s a table with top 4 products at a glance.


Sunco Lighting 10 Pack G25 LED Globe

Sunco Lighting 10 Pack LED Globe

  • Eye-friendly
  • Omni-directional
    Mod et verteren usu.
  • Emits lesser heat
  • Dimmable lighting
Good Choice

Hansang G25 LED Vanity Round Light Bulb

Hansang LED G25 Vanity Round Bulb

  • Great price
  • Long lifespan
    Ute sit dolor lobortis.
  • Free of toxic elements
  • Low energy consumption
Valuable One

LOHAS LED Vanity Light Globe Bulbs

LOHAS G25 LED Vanity Light Globe Bulbs

  • Instant-on
  • 30,000 hours of reliable lighting
    Ute sit dolor lobortis.
  • Over 80% CRI
  • Energy-saving and eco-friendly bulb
Good One

TCP 5W LED Decorative Globe Vanity Light Bulbs

TCP 5W LED Decorative Globe Vanity Light Bulbs

  • Consistent color
  • Low light decay
    Mod et verteren usu.
  • The bulb does not heat up
  • Shatter and shock-resistant

Why Should You Consider Choosing The Right Light Bulb For Your Bathroom Vanity?

Your bathroom vanity needs proper lighting so that you to start every day with a smile on your beautiful face, knowing that your makeup is in order.

Next is safety. You and I know that the bathroom can sometimes be slippery. The last thing you want is having someone sustain an injury all because of poor lighting in your bathroom.

What’s more, using the right bulb will make things easy. Anyone can do their makeup, brush their teeth, or shave without hurting themselves in the process.

What about lowering your electricity bills? It’s a necessity, anyway! With your family size and the bills growing, you need to think of ways to cut down on your expenses. You can install energy-saving light bulbs that could cause you to save over 80% of your electricity bills.

There are numerous reasons you should consider choosing the best light bulb for your bathroom vanity. That’s why I am glad you are here!

Are All Light Bulbs Ideal For Bathroom Vanity?

The answer is no! Most light bulbs should not even come anywhere near your bathroom vanity. What’s the reason?

They won’t have much impact on this part of your home. For instance, light bulbs whose Color Rendering Index (CRI) is below 80 percent aren’t a wise choice for your bathroom vanity. Lights with CRI 80 and above are ideal for a host of applications, including bathroom vanity.

So, you can see that not all lights are ideal for bathroom vanity. That is why you need to be extremely careful when it comes to choosing a light bulb for your bathroom, one of the most-used and visited places in your beloved home.

Another thing you need to figure out is your lumen needs. You need to know how many lumens the light can deliver that would be enough for your small or large bathroom.

Here’s simple math to determine the lumens need of your bathroom. 

Be it your living room, bathroom, or any other space; you can determine the lumen you require to provide proper illumination.

So, here’s what you need to do;

Multiply your room’s square foot by the number of foot-candles you need for that space. It goes like this;

If your bathroom is 64 square feet and the foot candles are within the range of 70 to 80, what you need to do is multiply each with 64.

That is; 64 x 70 and 64 x 80.

What you will get is 4480 to 5120 lumens.

Can Poor Lighting In Bathroom Vanity Be An Issue Of Concern?

Yes, it can. Please avoid poor light in your bathroom vanity or anywhere in your home. It is not worth the stress.

Use the best and proper light settings because it would make every single task easier. When I say proper lighting, I mean the lighting levels should not be too high, low, or shadowy in any way. If this is the case, then your chance of completing tasks in your bathroom would be compromised.

Improper lighting affects us in diverse ways. It could lead to tired eyes, avoidable mistakes, headaches, slipping, falling, tripping, back strain, depression, or misapplying your makeups.

Is It Possible To Find A Good Quality Light Bulb For Bathroom Vanity?

Of course, it is. However, there are numerous poorly made light bulbs out there. When you purchase such type of bulbs, the next couple of weeks, they may burn out.

But the positive here is that you can find top quality light bulbs for your vanity for the right price. Anyway, it’s a good thing you are here. Also, before you make your final decision or splash the cash on a light bulb for bathroom vanity, read this post.

You will find the best light bulbs for bathroom vanity on the market. Continue reading.

Top 6 Best Light Bulbs For Bathroom Vanity To Buy

With the myriads of light bulbs for vanity in the market, it is easier for anyone to make the wrong choice. Anyway, that’s why I am right here for you. After going through several products, considering their features and reviews from real buyers, below are the best light bulbs in the market to use for bathroom vanity.

1. Sunco Lighting 10 Pack G25 LED Globe

Sunco Lighting 10 Pack G25 LED Globe

The first choice on this list is the highly-rated Sunco Lighting LED bulb. The pack contains 10 packs of LED. The light bulb possesses several features, which makes it suitable for use in bathroom vanity, mirror, kitchen, including other areas.

The dimmable functionality of this LED bulb is one of a kind. Usually, all Sunco LED bulbs have a dimmable range from 10 to 100%. That is why you can adjust the output of this Sunco Lighting 10 Pack G25 LED Globe bulb to whatever brightness level you desire.

Again, the dimmable function is not only seamless. It will help you set the mood in your bathroom, kitchen, or wherever you have the bulbs placed.

Another noteworthy feature is its energy-saving capabilities. You get to save a whopping 85 percent on your electricity bills with these bulbs.

Additionally, the bulb runs super cool. The globes are of plastic material, so it will not increase heat in your bathroom. The daylight color also feels cool on the eyes.

The output of the Sunco LED bulbs is 450 lumens. The product also boasts a five years warranty, which shows just how much confidence the company has on its products. Additionally, it is certified frustration-free and UL-listed.


  • Eye-friendly
  • Omni-directional
  • Emits lesser heat
  • Dimmable lighting
  • Pack contains 10 bulbs
  • Color rendering index is over 80%
  • Warm white 3000K color temperature


  • A bit pricey

2. Hansang G25 LED Vanity Round Light Bulb

Hansang G25 LED Vanity Round Light Bulb

The second choice on this list is the Hansang G25 LED light bulb. The bulb’s color rendering (CRI) is above 80 percent. So it is a wise choice for bathroom vanity and makeup mirrors. The shape of this bulb is a globe, and it offers 5 watts, which is equivalent to a 60watt bulb.

Besides being suitable for vanity makeup mirror, the Hansang G25 LED Light Bulb is useful for ceiling fixtures, table lamps, pendant fixtures, and even wall lamps. The E26 U.S Standard screw base makes installation a breeze. All you need is to screw the bulbs into the fixture and put the lights on.

One considerable drawback of this LED vanity bulb is that it is not dimmable. But not having this feature is not a deal-breaker in that the bulb does what it comes designed to do. The light delivers a 5000K color temperature, which is white and offers a refreshing feeling whenever you power the lights.

You can install this light in many places in your home. These include your kids’ room, living room, dining room, kitchen, and even bedroom. The bulbs come built to last long. You get to enjoy 30,000 hours of use.

The light is super bright but lighter on the eyes. Thus, you can perform your daily activities like washing up, shaving, makeup, among others, with an even glow.


  • Great price
  • Long lifespan
  • Free of toxic elements
  • Free of toxic elements
  • Low energy consumption
  • Light is softer on the eyes


  • Non-dimmable
  • Pack contains only 4 bulbs

3. LOHAS LED Vanity Light Globe Bulbs

LOHAS LED Vanity Light Globe Bulbs

This 6watts eco-friendly bulb is a highly-rated product. It is produced by LOHAS, a company that has established itself as a reliable LED vanity light bulb maker. The bulb consumes low energy, so it would enable you to save up to 80 percent on your electricity bills.

The LOHAS LED Vanity Light does have a wide application. If you are looking to provide the right illumination for your makeup vanity table, living room, bedroom, and dressing room, you will find this E26 screw base bulb useful.

This bulb will match other areas of your home, such as showcase and staircase. It delivers a 5000k color temperature. Another noteworthy feature is its safety. There is no UV, IR, or toxic elements like lead and mercury that could cause harm.

For the bulb to last long, make sure you do not use it in any steam bathroom. The reason being that it is not waterproof and so the steam might affect its performance.

This LOHAS LED is a standard G25 globe bulb. Therefore, it would fit into numerous light fixtures with a similar rating. The light bulb also has a long lifespan, offering 30,000 hours of illumination. Again, the bulb delivers 500 lumens and a wide beam angle of 270 degrees.

So, if you are seeking a LED light that can illuminate a larger surface, you will find this LOHAS LED light to be a wise choice. Being FCC compliant shows the high standards of the bulb. You will also find it ideal for use in dry environments.


  • Instant-on
  • Over 80% CRI
  • 30,000 hours of reliable lighting
  • Energy-saving and eco-friendly bulb
  • Impressive color temperature – 5000K
  • Standard G25 shape for broader application


  • Not dimmable
  • Not ideal for steam bathroom

4. TCP 5W LED Decorative Globe Vanity Light Bulbs

TCP 5W LED Decorative Globe Vanity Light Bulbs

With over 20 years of experience, TCP is among the few brands that have mastered the art of light-making. This TCP light bulb delivers the equivalent of 60 watts of incandescent lighting, using 5 watts of energy.

If you are seeking radiation or flicker-free bulb that is eye-friendly, you will find this TCP LED Light Bulb quite useful. This light bulb is both shatter, vibration, and shock-resistant. Heat output is also considerably low.

Enjoy a soft, warm white 2700K of temperature color with this LED bulb. Give your vanity makeup mirror the proper lighting so that your makeup will always turn out to be perfect before you step out of the house.

This light bulb comes designed to provide 20,000 hours of use. And what this implies is that it could serve you for at least 18 years when used for 3 hours daily. Its E26 screw base indicates that it could get into a host of fixtures in your home.

However, the bulb is not dimmable. So, it might not be ideal for cases where you need a light bulb that you can adjust to suit your desired mood. But if you are seeking a bulb ideal for bathroom and decorative uses, the TCP 5W LED Light Bulbs would make a wise choice.

Furthermore, the pack comes with only 3 bulbs for the price point. The light also turns on instantly.


  • Consistent color
  • Low light decay
  • The bulb does not heat up
  • Shatter and shock-resistant
  • Flicker and radiation-free
  • Delivers soft white light – 2700K


  • Produces faint buzzing sound
  • Pack contains fewer bulbs for the price point

5. Torchstar G25 Globe LED Bulb

Torchstar G25 Globe LED Bulb

The Torchstar comes packed with exciting features. The pack contains 6 bulbs, which is a steal considering the built-quality and price point of the light bulb. This Torchstar bulb also delivers 5000K of color temperature, similar to daylight.

So, if bright light is what you require, then you will find this light bulb useful.

The product has a 3-year warranty, and there’s more! Another highlighted feature is its Omni-directional beaming. It sets the Torchstar apart from many LED bulbs at this price point. The light is also ghost and glare-free, thanks to its design and features. They both combine to ensure proper distribution.

This light bulb is a wise choice for your bathroom, dressing room, pendant, and makeup mirror. Plus, it comes built to withstand dry and wet conditions. So, even when used in any steam bathroom, it will likely not burn out.

Being UL-listed is another added advantage. It helps to reassure users that the bulb is free of UV, IR, mercury, and other harmful radiations. This LED bulb would help to lower your electricity bills by 88 percent.


  • UL-listed
  • 3-year warranty
  • Pack contains 6 bulbs
  • 5000k color temperature
  • Omni-directional beaming
  • Ideal for dry and wet conditions


  • Delivers small amount of heat
  • Most users might consider the light to be too bright

6. Comzler G25 LED Light 9W Globe

Comzler G25 LED Light 9W Globe

This LED bulb delivers brightness equivalent to a 72-watt incandescent bulb. And it uses only 9 watts of energy to make this happen. The light bulb comes designed to offer you 30,000 hours of use, which describe how durable the product is.

The high coloring index also makes it a wise choice for bathroom vanity and dressing mirror.

This Comzler bulb is not waterproof. So, you do not have to use it under any extremely wet conditions, such as a steam bathroom. Doing so might affect the durability and output of the light bulb.

The bulb boasts a beam angle of 270 degrees, which means that it can satisfactorily brighten a bigger bathroom. Another noteworthy feature is its lumens. It delivers a whopping 900 lumens, which shows how super bright the daylight color is.

The brightness helps in making this highly-rated bulb useful for commercial and residential areas. In addition to vanities and bathroom, you can use in areas like a dressing room, shop, basement, kitchen, pantry, warehouse, garage, fixtures, and many more.

The Comzler bulb is also super easy to install. It has the E26 base that most of the LED bulbs on this list have.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Very bright
  • Pack contains 4 bulbs
  • Superior vanity mirror light
  • 5000K color temperature provides bright white light


  • Using a dimmer can cause flickering
  • Brightness might be hampered when used for a 3-bulb light fixture.

Things To Consider Before You Choose A Light Bulb For Your Bathroom Vanity

Your bathroom vanity should have appropriate lighting. Please keep that in mind. If you are going to perform your shavings, daily brushing of teeth, and do your makeup correctly, nothing should be more relevant to you than installing proper light in your bathroom vanity.

Additionally, a slippery floor could also be hazardous. Don’t forget that. So, do the right thing now!

However, there are numerous lighting bulbs for a bathroom vanity out there. These bulbs come with various features, which make them all the more confusing.

So, if you are not conversant with lighting bulbs, including your lighting needs, you might just end up making the wrong choices. And that, of course, would be heavy on your wallet, time, and plans.

By the way, who will be happy to throw away a couple of dollars just like that? No one, I guess.

So before you splash the cash or make your final decision on lighting bulbs to use for your bathroom vanity, read this section from start to finish.

1. Dimmable and non-dimmable light bulb

You will find the word “dimmable and non-dimmable” a couple of times on this list of best light bulbs for bathroom vanity. So, you are not new to the term.

Although the dimmable light bulbs are a more recent technology, they are not compatible with every application. There are also a couple of things that interest people to choose a dimmable light bulb.

A dimmable light could help to reduce your energy cost a bit further. All the LED bulbs mentioned on this list are energy-saving. But reducing light brightness, which is a feature of dimmable LED bulbs, can help reduce your electricity bills.

Dimmable bulbs help to set the mood of a place. At least, you can do that by controlling light brightness. Nevertheless, not all LED lights are compatible with a dimmer switch.

Thus, when you install the wrong bulb for a dimmer switch, you may get an annoying and distracting flicker.

So, if you like the idea of setting the mood, and reducing your electricity bills further, you can go for a dimmable light. However, that does not imply that using a non-dimmable light will not lower your electricity bills.

2. Type of bulb

Different types of light bulbs exist. These include incandescent bulbs, LED bulbs, halogen lamps, CFL and fluorescent lamp.

By and large, this review is centered on the LED bulb, as you can see. We are in an era where people are looking to reduce their expenditures to the barest minimum. Hence, the reason I only considered LED bulbs.

Most light bulbs (except LEDs) come filled with mercury and waste too much energy. Incandescent, halogen lamps, fluorescent, and CFL all fall into this category. So, mounting LED light bulbs in your home offers some great benefits.

LEDs are energy saving. Additionally, all the products mentioned on this list do not contain mercury, lead, UV, IR, or other harmful radiation.

An LED light bulb of 5 watts can deliver a brightness equivalent to a 70-watt incandescent light bulb, too.

Another reason LEDs are becoming increasingly popular is because they can offer diverse light colors.

So, if you’re looking for reasons to start using LEDs, look no further and just go for it. LEDs have high energy efficiency, produce brighter light with lesser energy, and can produce colored lights without color filters.

Nevertheless, ensure you check whether your LED light bulb is UL-listed. That’s an indication that the light bulb is free of harmful elements and radiation.

3. Wet or dry condition

There exist LED bulbs not meant for extremely wet conditions. Using them in such a situation can cause them to burn out.

An example of an extremely wet condition is a steamy bathroom. It would be wrong to use a bulb designed for a dry environment in a steamy bathroom.

So, please, before mounting your LED bulb, ensure it is suitable for the condition. There are light bulbs that can handle wet and dry conditions. Even the ones that can handle wet conditions would work when used in a dry place.

Remember, using the wrong light bulb can make it burn out quickly. So, you shouldn’t always blame the manufacturer when you didn’t follow instructions.

4. Price 

Price is a critical factor you should consider when choosing your light bulb. Understand that the costs of LED bulbs vary, and it’s based hugely on the quality of the product. Another thing that could impact the price is the number of bulbs in a pack.

Most packs could have up to 10 bulbs. But the number of light bulbs in a package is not all that matters. What matters most is the quality of the product. Therefore, before you consider any light bulb, ensure it has the features you so desire.

It will be unwise to choose a poorly made bulb because there are more bulbs in the pack. Instead of that, factors you should be considering are the lumens, color temperature, brightness, and other features that can make your bathroom a joy to use.

I will also suggest you conduct a price comparison. You can compare the prices of two or more brands of light bulbs to know which is the cheapest. But again, quality should always be the first on your list.

5. Lighting fixture

Your lighting fixture plays a role in determining the type of bulb to choose, particularly since you are going for LEDs. First, you must be sure the light bulb would fit into the fixtures in your bathroom or wherever you are fixing the bulb.

Most lighting fixtures have an E26 base and considered a standard G25 bulb. What this implies is that they will fit into fixtures with a similar rating. So, ensure the light bulb you are getting fits into your lighting fixture with ease.

Another thing to consider is heat dissipation, which could impact the lifespan of your bulb. If you want your light bulb to last long, use the right fixture for it.

The LED light bulb runs much cooler than incandescent bulbs. That’s the fact. But hey! They get a bit hot too. The reason you don’t notice this often is because they come designed with a heat sink that helps to pull the heat away.

This heat sink is at the base of the bulb. And when the heat moves to this part of the LED light bulb, it escapes into the air, thus keeping the bulb cooler as if nothing happened. Excitingly, this action helps to make LED bulbs long-lasting.

Here’s the problem that may occur when you use the wrong lighting fixtures:

Placing a light bulb not meant for an enclosed fixture into one can damage your light bulb. It will be difficult for the heat sent to the bulb’s base to escape. And as a consequence, heat would be trapped at the base and sent back to the bulb.

When the heat goes right back into the bulb, it is more like a death sentence. The bulb could burn out within a few seconds.

So, check your lighting fixtures thoroughly, is it a semi or fully enclosed fixture? Furthermore, make sure you check before you place your light bulb. Check if the light bulb is designed for a recessed or enclosed space.

6. Color rendering (CRI)

Color rendering, also called (CRI) is a critical term to consider when choosing a light bulb for our bathroom vanity or anywhere in your home.

Every bulb has this rating. So, CRI isn’t something you can influence or change.

A higher CRI of over 80 percent is a wise choice. Anything below 80 percent is considered unacceptable for bathroom vanity.

The CRI value of a bulb helps in revealing just how much those true colors are going to appear when you put on the light bulb. Therefore, a light bulb with a higher CRI will make a good option. It will help in revealing the real beauty of your whole bathroom, furniture, finishes, and flooring.


You can place any light bulb in your bathroom vanity. After all, the basic thing is for you to light up the place. But if you care about doing your shavings, makeups, and other activities correctly, then you should care about choosing the right option.

The modern bathroom has now become a multi-operational space. And one area people often neglect when setting up their bathroom is lighting. A poorly lit bathroom can cause you to start your day dim. But the reverse is the case with appropriate lighting.

So, it is advisable to choose the right bulb for your bathroom vanity. However, if you are looking for the best bulbs for bathroom vanity, check the different options mentioned and make your choice right away.


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