Can You Cook Meat In The Microwave? A Guide

Can You Cook Meat In The Microwave

A microwave is one of the essential equipment in the kitchen. There’s so much you can achieve a microwave oven in your home. But there are things you may not be able to prepare with your microwave. That is why you need to seek knowledge to know the dos and don’ts an oven in the home. However, one popular question most people ask is;

Can you cook meat in the microwave? Here’s the answer you need to know. 

The answer is yes. You can use microwaves for cooking meat. But one of the things you need to watch out for is the taste and appearance of the meat. Microwaves’ process of cooking involves heating water molecules. So, you will likely not get that even brownish surface or the taste you desire. However, one way you might be able to get that taste or browned surface you so desire is to use a microwave dish. The inner part of the plate is metal, but it has an outer surface that works perfectly with a microwave. You can also use a metallic conductor on this plate to help give your meat that brownish surface. Additionally, you should consider flipping and rotating your meat to have the energy spread to every part of what you are cooking evenly.

So, that’s how you can get your meat cooked with a microwave. On the flip side, there’s nothing wrong with reheating the meat before consumption. You can do this just to be on the safer side and have a more superior taste. Anyway, continue reading for more useful information.

How Does A Microwave Cook Food Items?

Knowing how your microwave works, the dos, and don’ts can save you a lot of stress. Your equipment will also last longer because you won’t be using it wrongly.

A lot of questions have been raised concerning the use of a microwave for cooking foods. Most of the critics even believe some of the microwave radiation could leak and get to the food item being cooked.

Anyway, these are not new claims. And as you keep on reading, you will find the answers you seek and draw a logical conclusion.

Now let’s go back to the question; how does microwave cook food items? A good question if you ask me.

A microwave oven cooks by creating intermolecular friction, and that friction is between the food molecules. It is the microwave generated that causes the vibration of the water molecules.

Another thing you need to understand is how heat is generated. As the frictions that exist between the molecules continue to increase, the heat also does the same.

So that’s how a microwave oven cooks foods.

Is Microwave Oven Safe For Cooking Or Not?

Another important question if you ask me. It is good to know the safety concerns of any equipment you splash the cash on before putting such to use.

So here goes the question; is microwave oven safe to use for cooking or not?

The honest answer is yes and no. Now let me state why I said so. If you are not using the best microwave extension cord for your microwave, this could give rise to a potential safety hazard.

Another danger is the microwaves generated by the equipment. These microwaves might affect an individual’s tissue severely. But this can only happen when the microwaves escape from the machine when in use.

However, a situation where the microwaves might escape from the oven is when the door is no longer in order.

Nevertheless, no manufacture would encourage users to continue using a damaged or broken microwave oven. That will never happen. So, if your microwave oven is cracked or has a broken door, make sure you get it fixed.

If you can’t fix it, you should be looking for a replacement urgently.

Now here’s good news and the reason I said microwave ovens are not as dangerous as many claimed.

You can see that the problem or dangers microwave oven pose is centered on them, releasing those harmful microwaves that can affect the body.

The good news is that modern microwaves aren’t built that way. Over time, those possible leakages in microwaves were improved upon. Today, we have a much better oven to use.

So, in summary, if you are using a modern microwave oven, there is no need to panic. Know that you and your household are safe. That is because the equipment is well-built and microwaves won’t escape from them.

A Microwave, according to reports, is not only effective for cooking. It is safe and very convenient to use. There are claims that it does cook better than other methods used for cooking.

What are the reasons microwave is a much better option for cooking than other methods of cooking?

Well, the reasons are visible for all to see. Microwave ovens preserve the nutrients of food when used. It also doesn’t permit the forming of harmful compounds.

It is clear that a method of cooking considered more likely to retain nutrients of food items is one that heats food faster, uses a little amount of liquid, and gets the foot item prepared in no time.

Observe the microwave oven, and you will discover for yourself that it meets all the criteria I just mentioned.

It steams your food item from the inside out and uses a small amount of water to accomplish it. And as a consequence, the nutrients and minerals locked inside the food are retained. That’s why the claim that food cooked with a microwave could be much healthier than anticipated.

How To Use The Microwave Oven For Meat Cooking

Using the microwave oven for cooking meat might seem like it’s a not-so-good decision. But hey! Wait till the cooked meat is served. Once you taste it, you may want all your meats prepared with a microwave from that moment.

However, you can only enjoy meat adequately cooked. The flavor, texture, taste, and other features would remain intact.

So, how do you get to use the microwave oven for meat preparation and do it right? Continue reading while I show you how!

The first step is to decide the meat cut. 

You might not see this as an essential factor to consider when cooking meat with an oven. However, the output or result will make you understand how important choosing the right meat cut is.

So what’s the benefit of microwaving meat cut to the right size? Well, it helps to ensure you receive a tender output.

For the records, the less tender beef meat cut is one of the cuts that give the best result. Others include rolled rump roasts, stew meat, and chuck pot roasts.

However, the reverse is the case for tender cuts. After microwaving meats with such cuts, they will end up being too tough and could even lose their flavor in the process.

So, if you want to the best result, embrace less tender cuts for your beef. Understand that microwaving offers a moist kind of cooking process, and goes well with such meat cuts.

Are there other cuts that can produce good results? The answer is yes, there are. These include small cuts of lambs, rib, and stew meat, including pork as chops. Additionally, bacon and ground meats perform well when cooked with a microwave.

The second step is to ensure the meat is equal in shape size and thickness.

So, the next thing to do is ensure all the meat you have in your microwave, ready for cooking, is in order. The meat should all be in the same shape, thickness, and size, if possible.

The point is thinner meats are going to get done faster. And as a consequence, they could even become tough and dry before the thicker ones also become ready for consumption.

Third step is using the right power levels.

Luckily for us, the power level of the microwave oven can be determined before cooking starts. So, you could even increase the rate at which a food item gets cooked and ready for consumption.

Now, let’s assume you plan to prepare ground meat, including bacon; what power level would you choose for this?

Well, the ideal power levels should be 100%. It’s the highest and the level that will give you the desired output.

Small cuts of ham and lamb also require a power level of 100% (the highest level).

But if you are dealing with pork ribs, pork chops, beef roasts, and even stew meat, the power level of 50% is the ideal option.

How To Determine If Your Meat Cooked By Microwave Is Ready 

You cannot consume meat that is not done. You won’t get the desired taste.

Furthermore, when the timer indicates that the meat is ready, how can you determine this?

The simple answer is by inspection and testing. You need to cut into the meat to figure out. The color on the inside of the meat will give you a clue.

When you cut into the ground or pork meat, you shouldn’t find any pink color inside the meat. After checking the color inside the meat, you can taste if the meat is tender by simply using your mouth.

If you have a temperature probe, then you can use that to check the temperature of your meat.

I suggest you make use of a thermometer designed for microwave ovens. Please ensure you don’t use the regular thermometer. After removing the meat from the oven, you can use the thermometer to check and identify the temperature of your meat.


Let’s go back to the question; can you cook meat in the microwave? Well, the answer is yes. You can use the microwave oven to have your meat cooked. But if you are cooking meats with high fat, I suggest you cut off the fat from the meat before you start using the microwave oven. There’s also nothing wrong with heating your meat further after using the microwave oven. Furthermore, you shouldn’t forget to add the necessary ingredient to your meat before putting it in the microwave oven.

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