Dresser Vs. Chest: A Detailed Guide

Dresser Vs. Chest

Let’s do a dresser vs. chest comparison right away. They are both essential pieces of furniture. But if you want to satisfy your organizational needs, you have to make the right choice. You are going to have to choose between a dresser and a chest for your bedroom.

Dresser vs. chest: Here’s what you need to know.

The first two things you need to consider when deciding which to choose between these two pieces of furniture are the available space in your room and organizational needs. Which of them would serve the purpose perfectly well? Next is the model that would match your bedroom. You also need to understand that dressers are waist high and used mostly for storing clothes. Their height makes it possible to place a dressing mirror on top. A chest is a wise choice if you are looking for general bedroom storage. You can conveniently store your blankets, pillows, jewelry, hats, and others.

Continue reading to get more useful information about the chest and dresser. You should have the capacity to make an informed decision after reading.

What’s A Dresser And Chest

A chest or dresser is the next most crucial centerpiece in your bedroom after the nightstands and bed. These two pieces of furniture serve one primary purpose. That purpose is to keep your bedroom organized and easy to manage. Another is to create more storage space.

Furthermore, they also serve other purposes, which we are going to be looking at shortly.

What’s a dresser? 

It refers to a special kind of furniture that comes in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs. The dressers are wide and do have plenty of drawers, with about two or more columns that have at least six or a higher number of drawers.

The chest or chest of drawers, as fondly called, might not be as broad as the dresser. It is narrow and tall, and also has multiple drawers.

So that’s the definition of both pieces of furniture. Excitingly, they have both been around since the 17th century. You could decide to have both or just one of them in your bedroom. However, the primary thing that would determine if having them both would be possible is the available space in your room.

Most people settle for just one among the two. So, you can decide between mounting a chest or dresser in your bedroom. The entirety of this post is to help you accomplish that. You should be able to determine whether to get a chest or dresser at the end of this post. Continue reading!

The Chest Vs. Dresser: How Both Piece Of Furniture Differs

We are going to talk about factors one needs to consider before deciding on whether to get a chest of drawers or dresser. But before that, let’s consider the differences that exist between these two storage pieces.

The chest of drawers:

How do they differ from dressers? First, let’s talk about identifying them. How can you identify a chest? You need to consider specific characteristics. One of them is in terms of their sizes.

A chest is quite narrow, narrower than the dresser. It comes designed that way and fits into bedrooms that have limited space. Let’s say you have a small bedroom but eager to meet your storage needs solved; a chest of drawers would make an excellent choice for you.

Another feature that separates a chest from a dresser is height. The chest is usually taller than the dresser in terms of height. The height makes it possible to stack up to 5-drawers on each other.

However, I would like you to know that being narrower than the dresser doesn’t imply that the chest has limited storage space. The height compensates for the narrowness of these storage pieces. Thus, the chest can give you the same storage space you could get from a dresser. The idea of encouraging more space in the room also makes them a wise option.

Now let’s look at the uses of chests and how that differentiates them from a dresser. Both pieces of furniture serve as storage pieces. But the chest is for general bedroom storage. This piece is excellent for individuals whose bedroom does not have too much space to have a dresser and media chest mounted.

Before we start discussing the dresser, I would like to state that the chest is multifunctional. You can get a model that would fit into your plans perfectly.

The dressers: 

What differentiates them from the chests? Alright, let’s focus on the dresser at this point. What makes them different from the dresser? The discussion on the chest of drawers should give us some clue. But let’s focus on the dresser as if we’ve never said anything about it.

The dresser stands as one furniture you will most likely find in many bedrooms. They come in diverse sizes, colors, and styles. Dressers are also trendy. Now you might wonder what the most attractive characteristics of this piece of furniture are.

Well, it centers on the length and height of the dresser. This piece of furniture is longer but lower than the chest of drawers. You can find six or more drawers in a dresser. But one thing is for sure; those drawers would be deeper and bigger than the chest drawers.

However, the dresser is more suitable for bedrooms with more space or those with fewer properties. Mounting the dresser in such an empty or spacious room would increase the attractiveness of the area.

Again, unlike the chest, you can mount a mirror on top of the dresser. That’s why this furniture is known as the dresser. You will always have a mirror to stir at whenever you are getting dressed.

Furthermore, the dresser is both beautiful and convenient. It comes out elegant when mounted in any bedroom. If you are looking to style your bedroom, installing a dresser would make a lot of sense. Dressers are also ideal and popularly used for storing clothes.

Choosing Between Chest And Dresser: Factors To Consider When Deciding What To Acquire

Before you settle for any of the above pieces, there are a couple of things you need to consider. You do not want to make the mistake of acquiring a chest, only to see that what you needed was a dresser.

There are factors you need to consider before you make that decision on which to acquire. Let’s go over them quickly.

Consider the available space

Is your room big enough or not? You need to consider this before you splash the cash on a chest or dresser. Keep in mind that a chest is narrower than the dresser. As a result, if you have a room with limited space, consider getting a chest.

In this case, you can also further break it down. The chest comes in various sizes, so you should be able to choose the one that fits your bedroom perfectly. Another thing you may have to consider is the available compartments.

You can choose smaller compartments. But I would suggest you consider the items you plan to store in them. Is it your necklace, hat, collectible items, DVDs, wristwatches, ring, among others. You can also vary the compartments’ sizes. In other words, you can choose bigger and smaller compartments.

A dresser will be ideal if you are dealing with a bigger room with enough space. It will serve as a storage and dressing table, where you can have a mirror mounted. The dresser tends to be wider than the chest and is mostly needed when you plan to store your wears in the room neatly.

So, finally, I would like to add that if you are moving into a new house, try to ascertain the room size before splashing the cash on either a chest or dresser. Nevertheless, if you have an old one, it will still help to figure out the size of the room before moving it.


The cost will always remain an essential factor to consider before moving for a piece of furniture. It will help you to weigh your options thoroughly and not blow your budget.

So, before getting either a chest or dresser, I would like you to consider the price point of the item. However, keep in mind that a chest is way cheaper than a dresser. Therefore, if you are not looking to spend heavily, you can settle for a chest.

However, I would like to add that you don’t place the cost above the intended use. Irrespective of what you end up acquiring between chest or dresser, ensure it is something you are going to use.

The intended use

What is most important to you? Is to store your clothes, or do you seeking a general bedroom storage piece? Let the intended use help you make a choice.

Understand that the chest is suitable if you are seeking a general bedroom storage piece of furniture. But if you are eager to have your clothes stored neatly, then you should consider choosing a dresser.


The dresser and chest of drawers are two essential pieces of furniture you are going to need in your bedroom. You are going to have to make a tough decision on which of them to acquire, too. Furthermore, you need to keep in mind that the chest and dresser come in various sizes, designs, and styles. So when making a choice, you might as well want to consider these factors. Nevertheless, you should be able to decide on which to get for your bedroom after reading this post.

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