How Long Should A Table Runner Be?

How Long Should A Table Runner Be

Hey there, is the question “how long should a table runner be” causing you sleepless nights? You are not alone. You have also done yourself a favor by coming here. Together, we will not only figure out the answer but acquire more knowledge about table runners and their respective lengths. But first off, understand that a table runner could fit any table, irrespective of size or shape. Now back to the question;

How long should a runner be on a table?

The table runner can be of any length. It could sit in the middle of your table or hang on both ends of the table. If your runner hangs on both ends of the table, it should be at least 6 inches on both sides. So, if the length of your table is 50 inches, your runner should be 62 inches. Furthermore, if you are using a table cloth, ensure the runner isn’t longer than it. Also, the standard measurement of the table runner is 10 – 15 inches in width and 36 – 108 inches in length.

So, that’s it about the length of table runners and what you should consider when placing one on your table. But there’s more you need to know. So, continue reading!

Why Should You Consider Using A Table Runner?

Sometimes, people just do things because they find others doing them. They wish to follow the trend. But the use of table runner is out of it. It’s not a new method of decorating dining tables.

The use of table runners began during the medieval period. The first to be in trend was the table cloth. But seeing how people were messing the table cloth up before and after meals, it became apparent that something needed to be done.

People would eat and wipe their mouths and faces with the table cloth, and this became unbearable. Excitingly, napkins came onboard. But that didn’t stop people from leaving stains on the table cloth.

And thankfully, the table runner came to the rescue. Its job was to protect the table cloth from stains people usually leave behind during and after eating.

The table cloth and table runner became a match made in heaven in the 1600s. Families ensured that their table cloths and runners were always on the tables.

So, what is the benefit of the table runner? That’s one particular question I know many would be asking. Nevertheless, the table runner is more than a decorative piece.

One of the benefits of the runner is to ensure the dining table always looks neat. When food items spill unto your table mistakenly, the runner prevents it from getting to the table cloth.

So, the table runner protects the table cloth from getting stained. Your table cloth will likely remain neat if you have a table runner placed over it. The runner can be removed and washed once stained. But the table cloth could stay on the table.

Furthermore, the table runner gives table settings the unique texture and color that makes them eye-catching. It helps ensure that unique feeling of tradition and elegance in the home, particularly where you have the table mounted.

The table runner is the main foundation of the décor of your table. It also protects the table from damage commonly caused by dripping candle waxes, including hot pants.

So, that’s it about the importance or benefits of using a table runner. Now let’s discuss the various sizes of different table runners you can get.

Table Runner Guide: Sizes And Tips You Need To Know

When it comes to improving any part of a home, the little ideas and tweaks do matter a great deal.

Choosing the right table runner will help you achieve your goal of beautifying your dining table. So, before we start discussing how to select and arrange the table runner for the different kinds of tables (round, square and rectangular), let’s talk about how to determine the right dimension of table runner to use.

How can you determine the right dimension of the table runner for your dining table? Let’s go over some tips. 

I would say you approach someone, maybe a professional to help you with the measurement. But then, no knowledge is a waste. So, we’re going to look at how you can get the right dimension together and hope you can use your DIY skills to get the job done afterward.

So here’s the step you need to take;

First off, measure your table. You need to measure the width and, afterward, divide whatever the value is by 3.

Please note that the shape of the table doesn’t matter. I mean, whether it is a rectangular table or square table, divide the value you get after measuring the width by 3.

Now let’s assume the value you got was 45, I mean, after measuring the width of the dining table. The width of your table runner would be 45/3 = 15 inches.

I know there will be space on both sides when you place the runner on the table. Well, that’s the primary aim, anyway. You can use the space to place your settings and make your table more attractive.

What about the length of the runner, what should it be? Good question. Remember, I said earlier that you could choose any length you desire. So, it’s up to you to decide the length of the runner you want.

However, keep in mind that the runner should hang 6 inches on both sides of the table. It has to be that way. But if you are using a table cloth, ensure the runner doesn’t go beyond the table cloth.

Okay, let’s move forward. Here are different shapes of tables and how you can place the runner.

Round Tables: How to use table runners for round tables

Laying runners on round tables might seem confusing. But know it’s not. There are two ways you can place a runner on such a table without compromising the look or appeal of the table.

First is using just one table runner. 

Here, you just have to place the runner across the round table (from any side you prefer). And, if the runner hangs from both sides, make sure it is 6 inches on each side.

You should also remember the earlier calculation I gave on how to decide the width of the runner. So, if you are getting a new runner, use that to determine how wide the runner should be before choosing one for your round table.

When you place your runner on the table, I mean the single runner placed across the table, both parts of the table should be free. That is exposed so that you can place your settings.

The second idea is using two same runners. 

In this case, the runners should be of equal length, color, and width. Now place them on the round table in an X pattern. Each person can sit on either end of the runner when you choose this pattern.

Square Tables: How to use table runners for square tables

The next is using a runner for a square table. What are the different ways you can use a table runner for a table that has a square shape?

Well, there are two patterns you can use.

The first pattern is to use a single table runner. 

Lay it straight across the table. When it’s time to have a meal, each person can sit on both ends of the runner. Then the other persons can occupy the other spaces.

The second pattern involves the use of two runners. 

This second pattern involves using the same pattern you used for the round tables. I mean, repeat the same pattern for your square table. All sizes are equal in a square. So, ensure your runner is of equal length and width.

Now place the runner in an X pattern through the middle of your square table. One person can sit at each end of the X pattern. So, if you have at most four persons using the table, placing your runner this way would help to secure your table cloth and table from stains and damages.


The main question in this post is, “how long should a table runner be?” I have provided a detailed answer at the beginning and hope you read it to increase your knowledge of how to use table runners. However, there are numerous benefits of using these runners. They can help to protect your table cloth, including the surface of the table. So, there are multiple benefits of using a runner, and I hope you will start using one today.

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