How To Frost Cupcakes Without A Tip? A Guide You Should Read

How To Frost Cupcakes Without A Tip

So, you wish to learn how to frost cupcakes without a tip? Well, you are in the right place to get the information you seek. Cakes are among Americans’ most precious desserts. Besides their great taste, one thing that makes cupcake lovers go nut is the perfection and attractiveness of the frosting that usually appears on top of the dessert. So, that takes us back to the question;

How can you frost a cupcake without a piping tip?

First off, the smooth looks you find on cupcakes are a product of piping tips. But if you don’t have this equipment, you can still frost your cupcake with ease. There are diverse ways you can achieve this. You can utilize the cookie dough scooper, Ziploc bag, dip the cupcake. Another method is via using a knife. But the challenge with this method is that it requires time for one to achieve that sharp or perfect look.

Continue reading as we elaborate on the different steps I mentioned above.

How To Frost Cupcake Without Tip Using Cookie Dough Scooper

The first we are going to discuss is the cookie dough scooper. You can use it to portion muffins and dough. It’s one of the essential utensils you will find bakers use now and then.

Furthermore, simplicity and fastness are two things that make using this cookie scoops method a wise choice for frosting cupcakes without a tip.

So, below are steps to take when using cookie scoops:

Step 1: 

Scoop the frost out

Step 2: 

Place the scooped frost back to the middle of the cupcake.

Step 3: 

Finally, you need to smooth out the frost with a knife.

So that’s how you can frost your cupcake without using piping tips. I am sure that you find it easy, right? Me too! The process is short and precise. I could say it’s even a bit more convenient than a piping tip.

But then, there are drawbacks in using this utensil for frosting cupcakes. Here’s what you need to know before using this method.

So, what are the disadvantages of using a cookie dough scooper for frosting cupcakes? The simple answer is that the tool can become a bit messy, which is expected by the way. But it’s tasking to cleanup.

Another demerits or drawback involves the use of other tools. So, keep in mind that you are not only using a cookie scoop. You would need a knife too.

How To Frost Cupcake Without Piping Tip Using A Ziploc Bag

Another way to frost a cupcake if you don’t have a piping tip is to use a Ziploc bag. This plastic bag is essential for organizing things, such as art supplies and other items that could easily get lost.

So, they serve numerous purposes, mainly serving the storage needs of homes. You just get your items in the bag, zip it up, and store in a safe place.

Now, there are numerous benefits of using a Ziploc bag, which makes it a viable option in the absence of a piping tip.

Ziploc is way cheaper. You can purchase this bag at a rate of 1.7 cents or lower, per bag.

Another incredible benefit is that the Ziploc bag is a bit quicker to use. It is also readily available, and because of that, you can perform cupcake frosting tasks whenever you please. I mean, even in the absence of a piping tip.

So, it is cheap, readily available, and gets the job done quickly. Isn’t that amazing to see a storage bag so useful? Well, you just have to improvise and be creative sometimes.

Below is how you can utilize the Ziploc bag in the absence of a piping tip.

Step 1: 

Keep the Ziploc bag washed. Turn it inside out and rinse with warm water. After washing, it will make sense to air dry the bag. It is good to wash a used Ziploc bag before re-using it. Do this to be on a safer side. You might not need to wash a new bag you haven’t used. But there’s nothing wrong with being extra careful.

Step 2: 

Remember, you turned the bag inside out. Now get it to its original position.

Step 3: 

Open the bag and start moving the frost into it with the aid of a spatula.

Step 4: 

Gather all the frost to one of the sharp corners of the Ziploc bag. The reason for doing this is to ensure you get a near-perfect frosting of the cupcake when you start releasing the frost via the sharp corner.

Step 5: 

Now, its time to cut the sharp corner open so the content of the bag can pour out. And please be aware that the size of the cut would determine the size of the tip. So, if you want the tip to be smaller, then you don’t have to cut the sharp corner far up. Think about this before you cut the hole to release the frost stored inside the bag.

Step 6:

It’s time to let out the content of the Ziploc bag. Here, you need to point the sharp corner that you previously cut open straight towards the cupcake. Now get the frosting off the bag unto the cake in the form of a circle.

So, that’s it about using a Ziploc bag to frost a cupcake when there’s no piping tip.

However, there is another way you can produce a piping tip out of a Ziploc bag with ease. In this step, you would need a duct tape. 

The steps include;

  • Fold the bag to form a triangular shape.
  • Secure the edge of the Ziploc bag using the duct tape.
  • Load the piping bag (already converted Ziploc bag) with enough frost.
  • Cut off the bag’s corner and start piping the frost onto your cupcake.

In this step, not much changed, except for the fact that I added the use of the duct tape and folding the Ziploc bag to form a triangular shape.

So, what are the disadvantages of using a Ziploc bag for frosting cupcakes? Well, the drawbacks aren’t any different from what you might experience when using the cookie dough scooper.

Getting a perfect circle with the Ziploc bag is quite tricky. Additionally, it could mess your cooking or working space up.

How To Frost Cupcake Without Piping Tip By Dipping The Cupcake

Here goes another method considered one of the most popular among the other alternatives. If you are making use of a thin liquid or ganache frosting, then you will appreciate this process the more.

The dipping the cupcake method is considered the easiest of all the processes mentioned here. It is also less time-consuming, which is what most of us would appreciate, given our fast-paced lifestyle.

Another advantage of this method is that it leaves little mess behind once you are done. And as a consequence, you don’t need to spend many hours trying to clean up the work area, unlike what could happen when you make use of other methods.

What about the output? Well, rest assured your cupcake is going to come out good, provided you did the right thing. Another good part of using the dip the cupcake method is that you may not need additional equipment to get it frosted to your satisfaction.

Below are steps to follow if you care to use the dipping the cupcake method. Let’s get down to business.

Step 1: 

Using a baking rack, arrange the cupcakes in order. Please ensure you have a sheath pan placed underneath to help to prevent the dripping frosting from spilling all over the place.

Step 2: 

The frosting should be set in a large bowl next to your cupcakes.

Step 3: 

Now, it’s time to dip the cakes in the frosting mixture. Grab the cupcakes at the bottom and dip into the mix. It would be best to ensure the dome immerses in the mix.

Step 4: 

Move the cupcake in a spiral pattern so it would coat. After that, take the cake off the mixture and allow it to drip. Next, the cupcake should be turned right side up and should be returned to the baking rack.

So that’s how the dipping method is done. You can see that it’s a straightforward and quick process.

What are the disadvantages of dipping cupcakes to have it frosted without a piping tip? One of the drawbacks stems from the mixture. If the mixture is too thick (As with the case of a buttercream mixture) you won’t get the desired result with this method.


Alright, now you know how to frost cupcakes without tips, right? I trust so. The processes I gave are simple to use and master. In other words, you don’t need to break a sweat before you can frost your cupcake. Just follow the steps I gave to get it done. You can also choose which is most convenient for you among the options I provided. But keep in mind that they are all useful in frosting a cupcake without a piping tip. So, no piping tip, no problem. You can still get the job done anyway.

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