How To Humidify A Room With A Bowl Of Water? A Guide

How To Humidify A Room With A Bowl Of Water

Knowing how to humidify a room with a bowl of water might not seem like a big deal. But trust me; it’s a wise decision in the absence of the regular humidifier. Dry air can have several adverse effects on the body. It could lead to nose bleeding, and other respiratory ailments such as sinusitis, asthma, and bronchitis. The good thing is that you can avert these problems with ease. All you need to do is increase the relative humidity inside your room. Well, still confused? Continue reading!

How can you humidify a room using a bowl of water?

Here’s the answer — place a bowl(s) of water around your room. I advise that you use bowls that are shallower and wider. Using such bowls will enable the water to evaporate much quicker. You can also place the container of water closer to any heating vent in your room to speed up the process. If you have a radiator, you can place ceramic glass bowls on top. It will cause the water to evaporate much quicker and increase the moisture level of your room. Another way is to place the container of water close to your window. Do this and let the heat from the sun do its job. Just keep in mind that using a heating source makes the process faster. You should also consider using purified water to avoid any health problems.

So that’s it about how you can humidify your room. And like always, I provided other information about how to humidify a room, which I firmly believe will interest you. Keep reading!

Using Water To Humidify A Room: What Benefits Does It Provide?

Let me state this clearly; whether you are using water, a humidifier, or other processes, humidity offers the same benefits. What I mean is using water to humidify your room doesn’t offer too many unique types of benefits. Anyway, the only advantage is that you are saving costs.

Let’s take a look at other benefits of increasing indoor humidity;

Lowers your electricity bills

The natural humidifier requires electricity to operate, but a bowl of water doesn’t. So, this means that when you decide to use a container of water instead of a humidifier, you are invariably lowering your electricity bills. Isn’t that great? It sure is. But it requires hard work and could be stressful, you know.

Renders airborne viruses powerless

Generally speaking, humidifying a room can help you to avert numerous problems. One of such issues is airborne viruses. When the humidity of your room rises to 30 to 50 percent, you can expect these viruses to become powerless.

Avert respiratory ailments

Dry air and cold are two factors responsible for asthma, a condition that has become a prevalent respiratory health problem. According to the World Health Organization’s report, over 235 million people the world over are living with asthma.

Besides cold and dry air, other causes of asthma are smoking tobacco, allergic reaction to animal fur, dust mites, and chemical irritants, among others.

So, you can see that dry air is one of the causes of this discomforting condition. What’s the solution? Maintain the right level of indoor humidity. You can achieve the right level of moisture in your room via the use of the bowl of water method. I also employ you to get a hygrometer to check and ensure the humidity level in your space is at an appropriate level.


If you are among the few individuals who have taken it upon themselves to contribute their quarter in the fight against global warming, then using the bowl of water method to increase indoor humidity will be a wise option for you. In addition to lowering electricity bills, the bowl of water method is eco-friendly, which is a plus to our environment.

Prevent dry skin

Dry skin isn’t a condition anyone would like to have. It can be extremely discomforting. It’s a common problem people face during the winter period.

However, the use of specific moisturizing lotion can help to return moisture to the skin. The only issue with using these hand lotions is that the moisturized skin won’t last long, particularly with dry air lurking around. But when you utilize a bowl of water to increase indoor humidity, your skin won’t dry out.

You can even decide to use hand lotion on your skin, and the bowl of water to keep the humidity of your room at an appropriate level. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Protect furniture in your home

Furniture stands as one of the most expensive items in the house. And now that you have a larger family and your expenditures keeps increasing, the last thing you want is to start replacing the furniture in your home now and then.

The issue with dry air is that it doesn’t only affect one’s body. Dry air can cause your furniture to dry and crack quicker than you can imagine. But when you maintain the right indoor humidity, particularly during the winter period, you may likely not experience such.

How To Test Indoor Moisture Level With Ease

We will always experience dry air at a certain period within the year. It’s more likely going to happen during the winter period than in the summer period. That’s the fact. We just have to prepare for it and take all necessary precautions to avoid any health problems that may result in regular visits to the hospital. Avoid respiratory ailments or dry skin by ensuring your room has the right indoor humidity.

Furthermore, it’s not enough to use a humidifier or the bowl in the water method to increase the humidity of your room. Just like dry air, excess moisture can also create a severe problem for you and your household.

Excess moisture can create room for bacteria and mold to grow. Therefore, if you suspect that the level of humidity in your room is inappropriate, make sure you do the right thing to correct it as soon as possible.

It is also not possible to conclude that a room’s humidity level is out of range without testing. Make sure you conduct a test to ascertain the level and not make conclusions based on assumptions.

You can test with the aid of a hygrometer. This tool looks like the thermometer only that it’s for measuring moisture levels, while the thermometer is for temperature.

What’s the acceptable range for indoor humidity? The answer is 30 – 50 percent. That’s the range your hygrometer should be. The 30 percent is the minimum range, while 50 percent is the maximum range. Anything below 30 percent or above 50 percent is inappropriate. Above the extreme, then you may have to get a dehumidifier or stop using the bowl of water for a while until things go back to normal.

How To Find Out If Air In Your Room Is Excessively Dry

Having dry air in your home can create some serious health problems for the people who are there. Therefore, you shouldn’t wait for apparent signs before acting. Nevertheless, if you couldn’t get a moisture testing tool because of certain circumstances, there are ways you can figure out if the air in your room is dry or not.

Here’s how you can figure out without the use of a hygrometer.

Having dry lips and skin

Take a look at your relatives or kids in your house. Do they have dry skins or lips? If yes, then that’s a visible sign that your room or home has a low moisture level. Therefore, you need to act fast.

Don’t assume it’s because they are just waking up, and it’s early in the morning. That’s not what’s happening. Even if your relates or the kids are just waking up, their lips or skin shouldn’t be dry if there’s an appropriate amount of moisture in the house or room where they slept.

Having trouble breathing

When you wake up in the morning feeling stuffy, then there’s a problem, and that problem could be dry air. In this case, you will discover that you have a dry nose or throat when you wake up from sleep.

Please take note, if you feel stuffy occasionally when you wake up from your sleep, then that’s a visible sign that your house or room is excessively dry.

Cracking paint

Check the paint on the walls, is it cracking? If yes, then that’s a visible sign that your home is dry. But take note; it’s a small warning sign anyway. However, you shouldn’t leave any stone unturned because a more prominent problem might be lying around.

Take every single sign of dry air seriously, and do whatever it takes to increase the moisture level of your home.


You need to try and keep the moisture level in your room at an appropriate level. It will do you and anyone occupying that room a world of good. Dry air is always going to come around, and it isn’t a good thing to permit in your home. It could cause respiratory ailment and other avoidable conditions that could lead to regular visits to the hospital. You can invest in a humidifier, but if you don’t have the means, then you can use this water in a bowl method.

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