How To Keep Your Bathroom Neat And Clean

How To Keep Your Bathroom Neat And Clean

The bathroom is one of the most used areas in homes, work, and public places, it is, therefore, important to keep it clean and tidy always to avoid the spread of germs. There are some long-term as well as easy daily habits that can help you achieve a tidy and clean bathroom always, these are highlighted below;

Optimize Space Better

One of the reasons why bathrooms remain untidy is because of free spaces left unused.  You can install racks or layers of storages on spaces above the sink, for instance, to keep your toiletries and other bathroom items. You should also install ample towel bars where you can hang and dry out towels quickly. Make sure there is an order in your bathroom cabinet because a clutter-free bathroom ensures tidiness and cleanness.

Always Stop Moisture In Its Track

The best way to keep moisture-related problems like mold and bacteria growth and odor out of your bathroom is to stop them as soon as discovered. A dry shower helps mildew stain to grow quickly, hence you should hang a squeegee over the shower so that the last person that uses the shower wipes the wall, tubs, and shower doors to prevent the accumulation of moisture. If possible, you should install an exhaust fan in the bathroom, otherwise, you have to open the door to allow moisture out after using the bathroom.

Coat The Shower Walls And Doors With Water Repellants

If you want to reduce wall and door cleaning time in your bathroom and keep that extra moisture away before it causes untidiness, you need water repellant on your walls and doors. There are quite a several water repellants out there, you should go for one that works best for you. These repellants bead up water, minerals, and soap scum and they make them run off before they create a mess, and it can be easier for you to clean them.

Stop Shower Curtain Buildup

Consider spritzing the bottom of your bathroom vinyl shower curtain liner several times a month with an all-purpose cleaner to keep the scum away. This will also keep mildew and water mineral buildup at bay. This step will also reduce the number of times you through the shower curtain into the laundry. Let the shower rinse off the curtain before you spritz it.

Always Keep Cleaning Wipes Under The Bathroom Sink

If you want other bathroom users to keep the bathroom clean, you should consider keeping canisters of cleaning wipes under your bathroom sink. With these wipes around, you can zap messy situations like toothpaste splatters and watermarks away quickly from the sink, wall, or other parts of the bathroom. Stains like splatters can dry out and become tougher to remove. You should also consider tap and clean products for the easy removal of tough stains.

Most importantly, every bathroom user in the home must clean up after them. This will surely help reduce total cleaning time and help the bathroom remain tidy and clean throughout the day. It is also important that all broken plumbing fixtures are fixed immediately.

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