What Does An Orange Porch Light Mean?

What Does an Orange Porch Light Mean

What does an orange porch light mean? The color of a porch light is an intriguing yet simple topic. If you saw someone lighting their porch with different colored lights, what would you think? Or maybe you were the one who lit the porch with a certain color.

It’s nothing too complicated, but different colored lights may hold significant meanings to some! So, knowing such meanings may prove to be vital on different occasions.

What Does An Orange Porch Light Mean?

Now, if the porch light is orange, it may mean a few things.

For one, it may mean that the owner of the porch is honoring the firefighters or the National Guard or the Police. In 2017, the Delphi people lit their porch with orange lights to show support for the police.

Or it may mean nothing at all. Maybe the owner likes the mild orange color.

Different Colors And Meanings In Porch Light

What if the porch light has different colors such as Blue, Green, Red, or Purple? Here are their most well-known meanings:

Blue Porch Light

This is not a common color among porch lights. If you see a blue porch light, it may mean a symbol of awareness for autism. It is the 21st century disability awareness is given a lot of importance, and rightly so.

In 2007, the UN general assembly made Blue a symbol for autism awareness. Then recently, on the 18th of December 2020, the UN made April the month of autism awareness. So, it’s common to see porches lit with blue light, especially in April, the month of awareness.

There might be another reason behind a blue porch light. In different parts of the world, especially in the USA, it also means a sign of solidarity with the police department and their families.

In the olden days, the blue porch light meant a safe house where you can go and ask for refuge. And they were supposed to let you in. But today, I wouldn’t suggest it!

Green Porch Light

The color green is a sign of peace and growth. All over the world, it’s associated with tranquility and spirituality. But there are distinct meanings to it. For example, in the USA, it’s taken as a sign of veteran support. Every year on the 11th of November, neighborhoods are lit with green lights for this reason.

Now, the meanings can change depending on the calendar! In March, it may mean the owner is celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.

Although a bit unknown among the masses, the month of May is known for Lyme disease awareness. And the color green is related to it.

It’s better to know that these meanings might not be the same in different parts of the world. But green as a sign for growth, peace, and earth will be here as long as the world exists.

Even if you don’t have a cause, just put on a green light. It’s good for the eyes!\

Purple Porch Light

“Shine a light and save a life,” which’s the motto for the Purple porch project movement for domestic violence. Domestic violence is a thing that affects women throughout the globe. Purple light has been associated with bringing attention and awareness to domestic violence.

Just by adding a purple light, you can let people know that you stand with the victims of domestic violence.

If you see someone lighting a purple-colored porch light, know that this house is conscious, and they don’t tolerate violence.

There have been instances where victims themselves lit their porch as a remembrance of their past.

Purple is a beautiful color and loved by many. If someone chooses this color for their porch, they have a rich taste.

Red Porch Light

Out of all the different porch light colors, this seems to be the most important one. Most people know it as a sign of health awareness.

As February is the month of health awareness, you’ll see different movements having this slogan, “Light Your Home Red.” You may have heard it in the past. Many institutions and buildings go red in honor of health.

You may have seen the Niagara Falls, the Seattle Great Wheel turning red. That was all for celebrating the cause.

Moreover, the 5th of February is also known as “National Wear Red Day” in the USA.

Get involved with the movement just by choosing red for your porch light. The American Heart association has expressed their wish that the citizens come together in February and lit their houses with red.

Both homes and office buildings are used to take part in it. You may even get confused thinking it’s Christmas time. You don’t even have to buy if you want to join in. They let people borrow equipment, including a red porch light, for the whole month.

A Myth Related To Red Porch Light

There’s a myth that has been going around for some time regarding what the red porch lights mean. In 2016, there was a news that spread around saying that a house lit with a red porch light means it’s a gun-free house. Not surprisingly, it turned out to be a hoax.

This FactCheck has the details. The hoax started through a satirical website. But we all have seen how people believe everything they see on the internet.

With the recent gun violence in the schools and the streets, the discussions regarding gun safety of the United States of America are alive again. And the hoax found its relevance back. So, it was necessary to the point that out to our readers.

Subconscious Benefits Of The Different Porch Colors

Apart from all the deep and significant meanings attached to the porch light colors, the colors themselves bring benefits to your home.

Blue Light

Blue is the color of the sky, the ocean. It gives off a feeling of tranquility, serenity, and calmness. Along with green, blue is also known to signal the good, the positive, and the freedom.

A place lit with the color blue will inspire you to do good things, and it instills a sense of trust, reliability, and sincerity.

Green Light

The trees and the grass; green is what you see all around you. Sadly, in this modern age, nature’s green is being reduced by a huge number. The color green now means growth; it means clear thinking to a sustainable future.

Just like the color blue, green is also associated with positivity. We all know about the traffic’s green signal, citizenship’s green card, etc. It gives off a sense of freedom and acceptance.

According to science, it’s the most visible color to the human eye. And it also means your eyes work less if your surrounding is filled with green. For the same reason, we’re experiencing reduced eyesight nowadays.

There is a Green light therapy for the eyes. It’s been proven good for regulating the circadian rhythm, a.k.a biological clock. Overexposure to green light may reset that clock and change your life for the better.

Orange Light

Depending on the hue, orange light can mean a lot of things. If the orange has a dark undertone, it may signal distrust and deceit, whereas a reddish-orange gives off an intense feeling such as passion, desire.

With a golden orange, it inspires wisdom, wealth, or prestige. It’s a welcoming shade of color.

Red Light

Apart from the aforementioned significance of red light, there are different connotations attached to it. For example, red is always either the color of danger or the color of love. Two extreme conditions are signaled through the red.

It also means fear when used in certain situations. But when the red light is used with white light, it’s a time for celebration.

Here’s a shocking fact: traditionally, the red or reddish-orange light in front of a house meant that it’s a place of promiscuity, a.k.a. brothel.

White Light

White is the color of purity and innocence. Since long ago, it was used to show the cleanliness of the heart. Because of its close resemblance to sunlight, it is used by all households around the world.

Yellow Light

Another highly popular hue after white color is the color yellow. There are certain shades of yellow, but the most common one is the warm and mild yellow. It fills the atmosphere with happiness and optimism.

For most of the gatherings, whether be it a family gathering or an office party, yellow is used to illuminate the environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean if the porch light is blinking?

It may mean that someone is trying to warn or asking for help. This is a universally recognized sign of an emergency.

Do porch lights deter crime?

Yes, they certainly do by letting the criminals know about your presence.

What color porch light is the best?

The most common porch light colors are white and yellow. But it depends on one’s preference.

Final Note

As you can tell, the colors of the lights that you see around you have a deep significance to human life and all life in general. So next time when you want to bring a change into your home decor, you may want to take a look into these colors.

Maybe you’ll help somebody somewhere through solidarity and support. Color certainly influences our emotions. Through the eyes, it attracts, in the hearts, it strikes.

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