Why Are There So Many Moths In My House? Reasons And Solutions

You might have been wondering and asking yourself, “Why are there so many moths in my house?” For it to get to this level, it clearly shows that the number of moths in your property has become unbearable. And even though moths do not produce a buzzing sound, sting, or bite, their larvae can bring immense damage upon your cereals, clothing, and life. So it’s frustrating to find these crazy creatures flying around your home. But first, let’s figure out why you have such a significant number of moths moving around your house.

Here are the possible reasons you have many moths in your house;

House and pantry moths might have made their way into your home through your door or window. Moths like to play around outdoor lighting. Therefore, they may get inside your home through small cracks, doors, windows, or any openings. But keep in mind that light isn’t responsible for every moth infestation you encounter. The reason is that pantry moths enjoy lit areas, but the reverse is the case for clothes moths. However, the two species are fond of depositing their eggs in quiet and dark places. Another way by which moths could gain access into your home is via their larvae. They could attach themselves to a person’s cloth or grocery bag without being detected. Finally, if you find tons of moths coming out from dark corners, search those areas. You will find food crumbs deposited in those places. Moths like such areas, so you are doing them a favor by providing the environment and condition they need to grow.

An Introduction On Moths

No one would be happy to have moths flying around their house. These insects could pose a grave danger to you and your family. So, there’s no point having pity when you find a large number of moths flying around your house.

Don’t even permit a single moth in your house. It could be an indication that there are a large number of these insects hiding somewhere.

Anyway, this introduction would enable you to understand this crazy pests called moths.

If you are classifying insects that are nocturnal flyers, moths should be on your list. These insects enjoy white lights. They are more captivated by the wavelength white light produces than yellow lights.

That’s why when you place yellow bulbs outside your home; you might not find a single moth flying outside your property. They don’t fancy the wavelength yellow bulbs produce. But then, who wants them close to their houses anyway!

By and large, these insects serve numerous purposes anyway. They serve as food for certain animals and are eaten in some parts of the world.

Moths are uniquely diverse in size, color, and shape. You might even confuse some of them with butterflies. Moths are also the closet relatives to butterflies, although they outnumber butterflies in terms of the number of species.

In the U.S, there’re surprisingly over 11,000 moth species. So they are more than butterflies by a vast majority.

Now, remember, I mentioned that these insects vary in sizes. Yes, they do. Excitingly, you will find moths that are as small as a pencil tip, even smaller than that. Nevertheless, most species are as big as a songbird.

Let’s consider a rare species of moth called the Atlas moth. In terms of size, it surpasses the songbird. The insect is predominant in Southeast Asia, and it’s the biggest the world over.

Reasons You Should Get Rid Of Any Moth In Your House Immediately

You just started clearing off your house and discovered a breeding ground for moths. They are just too many of them, and what scares you the most is their large number.

Hear this; the vast number of moths hiding around your house shouldn’t be your only concern. Moths are dangerous. They can endanger your life and that of your pet (if you have one).

Below are some of the reasons moths are extremely dangerous and should be cleared off your house immediately.

Moths contaminate foods

Consuming foods infested by moths spells danger for humans and pets. It could give rise to intestinal disease that could be life-threatening.

Another danger these insects can create is an allergic reaction, as well as mucosal irritation. These could result when one comes in contact with textiles and moth-infested foods.

So, keep in mind that moth can contaminate your food. It can also do the same to pets’ food, mainly dry pellets. They utilize their white cocoons and feces to do the damage.

Could result in the death of humans

Moths could endanger the lives of people living in any property they infest. There’s also a report that rare breed of moth that could cause the death of humans have been identified. Additionally, this pest could strip oak trees of their leaves faster than one can ever imagine.

Moths spread fast

You may be seeing a few moths flying around and conclude you are under no danger. I hate to make you feel bad. But even if it’s a single moth you find, don’t assume all is well until you have carried out a proper search around your house.

Moths spread super fast. And that alone makes them dangerous. Furthermore, there’s no place in your home they can’t invade. You could even find them in difficult areas you cannot access.

That is why when cleaning up your house to get rid of moths; I advise you to pay attention to places like screw threads, crevices, and cracks in your ceilings, furniture, and even walls.

Make sure you ransack those areas and fill up drilled holes that are no longer in use. Again, your uncooked food items aren’t left out. Moths might look sluggish and powerless. But in this case, I will say, “Judge not a book by its cover.”

These pests are powerful and aggressive. They can even bite through plastic foils that are a bit thin. Also, once moths, just one of these pests, make its way into your food items stored in the pantry or cupboard, it could spread fast.

Before you know it, your entire house will become a breeding ground for moths, which is terrible health-wise.

Why Moths Are Attracted To Your House

Why you and not the neighbors? You might have asked such a question a thousand times. You have even taken it further by visiting your neighbors to ask if they are facing the same challenge with moths.

Now take a seat and hear me; your home is attracting moths because of what you have stored in it. Let’s go over them to get you better prepared.

Attracted by your fabric 

Look in your closets and assess the clothes stored in there. Can you notice one or more moths on your cloth? If yes, then you are probably dealing with clothes moth species. They could be the case making or the webbing species of the pest.

All the same, these pests are dangerous. They could damage your precious clothes within a few days of living on them. These pests also enjoy attaching themselves to fiber fabrics, which include wool, fur, and even silk.

The case-making and webbing moth species chew and bore several holes in any clothes they attack. They also exude waste on the garment as they carry on with their destructive acts.

An adult female moth can lay between 40-50 eggs and die afterward (within three weeks). The female moth secretes a powerful adhesive, which attaches all the eggs on the fabrics. Additionally, during summer, the eggs could hatch within 10 days.

Stored foods may be attracting moths

Do you have processed foods and grains stored up in your cupboard or pantry? These food items can attract moths into your house.

But then, in most cases, they don’t just fly into a home. They may find their way through infested food items and packages brought in from the grocery store.

Moths could lay their eggs on packaged food, which soon hatches into larvae. The larvae feed on diverse foods such as cereals, dried nuts, grains, among other processed products.

How To Get Rid Of Moth And Prevent Destruction

Thinking of using insecticides to get rid of moths in your house? I urge you not to. Using pesticides in areas like your pantry could be dangerous to you and your household. Even if you succeed in killing some of the adult moths and larvae, you may contaminate your stored food items.

So, I urge you not to deploy insecticides. It will be unwise to start spraying such chemicals in your closet or directly on your clothing.

What’s The Wise Step To Take In Tackling Moths? 

Locate and dispose of food items in the pantry or cupboard that are already infested. You can then go on to use water and soap to clean the area. Clean the walls, shelves, and floors thoroughly.

If moths have infested your clothes, what you need to do is take each one of them out. First, try to clean up your closet with soap and water then keep dry. After that, sort your clothes for damaged ones and throw them away.

If you find clothes that aren’t yet damaged, all you need to do to liberate them from moths and their larvae is to dry clean them.

You should pay attention to used or secondhand clothes. If you are buying such clothes, you need to dry-clean and iron, if possible, before mixing them with your other clothing.


Why are there so many moths in my house? Well, I am sure you already know the reason. Also, keep in mind that moths can be harmful to you and the members of your household. So, if you spot any sign of moth infestation, ensure you take proper action. Inspect your house regularly, particularly those darker and secluded places, and do whatever is necessary to eliminate moths in your home. Do this even if they are many or not.

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